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      Intelligent differentiation of digital changes in the textile and apparel industry - smart factory to make production more smooth
      Column:Industry News Time:2017-10-10
      After decades of exploration and practice, Quanzhou textile and garment industry, intelligent, differentiated, digital increasingly deep, is completely changing the face of this traditional industry.

      After decades of exploration and practice, Quanzhou textile and  garment industry, intelligent, differentiated, digital increasingly  deep, is completely changing the face of this traditional industry.

      Nearly  10,000 square meters of clean and tidy workshop, automated production  equipment in the skilled operation of the workers under the orderly  operation, the ground AGV automatic conveyor along the track in an  orderly way to transport the fabric, the top of the intelligent  suspension conveyor is transmitted Has  not yet sewed good trousers semi-finished products ... ... nine animal  husbandry king pants intelligent production workshop in June this year  to complete the upgrade, the formation of intelligent, digital,  flexible, personalized single production mode, the average production  efficiency increased by 10% , With an annual output of 6.5 million, the new output value of 150 million yuan.

      "The  flow of work than the previous smooth, staff to reduce the handling,  inventory is also reduced.Use new hanging, the pace of operation to  speed up, the output has been greatly improved. High efficiency, staff  income will increase." Corporate pricing manager Huang Ying Said risk. It  is reported that the upgraded workshop system to open up from the Labu,  tailoring, coding to the patch, feeding, shelves, sewing, and after the  whole, sorting, sealing, storage and other manufacturing process of  intelligent production of transport, Not only shorten the training time for technical personnel, but also improve the production of rapid response capability. In addition to trousers, suits, jackets and other leading products are also used intelligent production line.

      This smart factory, now in Quanzhou textile and garment industry is not uncommon. In  recent years, the city to develop the implementation of textile and  garment transformation and upgrading of the road map, to proceed with  national independent innovation demonstration area, "China made 2025"  pilot, "NC generation", "Internet +" and so on, effectively promoted the  industrial transformation and upgrading. The city's high-tech industries in 25 textile and apparel enterprises,  2016 annual output value of 60.9 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of  all high-tech output value, accounting for nearly 15% of the industry.

      It  is worth mentioning that the city actively promote the textile and  apparel industry to upgrade manufacturing, to promote the "machine  trade" as the focus of the intelligent, CNC transformation, the industry  more than 700 enterprises on the rules. Among  them, 41 textile and apparel enterprises into the municipal level above  the intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises, product  quality and efficiency increased significantly in the first half of 2017  profit growth of 27.1%, 12.5 percentage points higher than the  industry; labor costs fell 14.2% Industry reduced by 19.5 percentage points.

      □ reporter travel Yixi correspondent Chen Yinba Huang Hai Rongwen / map


      The proportion of high-end products continue to improve

      Reporters  learned from the city by the letter, for some time, the city's textile  and garment apparel industry to achieve steady growth in the proportion  of high-end products continue to improve. Statistics from the first half of the year, the city's existing  industrial and commercial registration of textile and apparel  manufacturing enterprises 15280, 2016 to 2017 in the first half of the  new 3263, of which 311 textile industry, clothing and apparel industry  1763.

      According  to the city "textile and apparel industry transformation and upgrading  of the road map", the textile and garment industry development goals:  total output value of more than 310 billion yuan in 2020, Quanzhou  textile industry to create a well-known "sports and leisure products"  and "Fashion capital".

      The  next step, the city will focus on the formation of cotton, chemical  fiber, weaving, dyeing and finishing, clothing, R & D design,  accessories, marketing and other fields more perfect industrial chain,  as well as in the professional market, logistics, exhibition and other  industries supporting the development of resources The Support the use of high-tech transformation to enhance the textile and garment industry, focus on filling high-end fabric links.

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