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      Printing and dyeing new regulations or will lead to textile and apparel market prices trend
      Column:Industry News Time:2017-10-10
      Recently, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Printing and Dye Industry Standard documents were revised, two "printing and dyeing new regulations" since October 1, 2017 from the implementation.

      "Now  no way, the fabric is too tight, has been pushed several orders." Jinan  Sanyuan Ou Ken Garment Co., Ltd., chairman of the Qizhi recently really  a little anxious. Many small and medium-sized printing and dyeing enterprises have shut  down, which to the downstream clothing, home textiles and other  enterprises to bring two problems: such as "rice" pot, and "rice price"  is still rising.

      Another  news is that the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and  Trade has two amendments to the printing and dyeing industry standard  documents, two "printing and dyeing new regulations" since October 1,  2017 from the implementation. Provisions  mainly around the "green" word, the printing and dyeing industry,  technology, equipment, management, and so have a new requirement. Higher environmental barriers, or will lead to textile and apparel market prices continue to rise.

      Small printing and dyeing plant after another shut down, clothing enterprises "and other rice pot"

      Jiao  Qizhi enterprises are mainly to do custom clothing, as his upstream  suppliers, printing and dyeing enterprises to buy fabrics, according to  different needs for printing and dyeing, and then sold to garment  manufacturers. Due to environmental pressure, in August began printing and dyeing  factories have shut down, which is equivalent to the entire production  chain, suddenly there is a "chain" of the.

      Printing  and dyeing plant a large number of shutdown, closed, for some garment  enterprises, is tantamount to direct "broken rations." Jiao  Qizhi said that its upstream suppliers are mainly concentrated in  Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, in this round of  environmental remediation, some small printing and dyeing enterprises  were not due to be eliminated, a direct result of fabric production  plummeted. Fortunately, this part of the gap he was transferred to the big suppliers there, for the time being is not "no rice pot."

      But because the market in short supply, raw material prices continue to rise. "Compared with the beginning of the year, the current fabric prices  have risen more than 10%, and some even reached 20%." The garment  enterprises, the extension of delivery also brought no small trouble.

      "The  so-called 'gold nine silver ten', now is the most orders." Jiao Qizhi  told reporters that due to some small printing and dyeing plant  production capacity reduction or shut down, forcing garment enterprises  had to transfer orders, so that those environmentally friendly  facilities Large business orders are unusually hot. Due to the surge in orders, delivery than the original extension.

      "Before  urging, may be half a month will be able to arrive, it is likely to  wait for 30 days do not come." Jiao Qiji said that some orders to the  urgent, and the raw material delivery is too long, has reluctantly  pushed several Order.

      Printing and dyeing new rules to overweight, this round of price tide just started?

      "Looked  at the 'double eleven' is coming, and now is tightening stocking." And  the apparel industry, the same textile industry is also facing tight  supply situation. As  the first towel brand of the Internet, Jinan, Mao Muwufang has recently  been in the printing and dyeing factory "grab the goods state." A responsible person told reporters that the original few days will be  able to out of the goods, and now may be the longest to wait for half a  month.

      Insiders said that this year, the printing and dyeing industry suffered the most serious "environmental governance." In  addition, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and  Trade on the "printing and dyeing industry access conditions (2010  revision)" and "printing and dyeing enterprises access notice management  Interim Measures" two industry specification documents were amended to  form and issued the "printing and dyeing industry standard conditions  (2017 version ) And "Printing and Dyeing Enterprise Standard Announcement Interim Measures". Two new versions have been implemented since October 1, 2017.

      "It  is foreseeable that the small factories will continue to shut down, and  large enterprises in the environmental aspects of investment will  continue to increase, coupled with the price of printing and dyeing raw  materials, the future of home textiles, clothing enterprises from the  upstream cost pressure will be more "The head of a textile business in Jinan said that the price of raw  materials rose by at least 5% this year, and the price of the terminal  market was only" slightly adjusted. "

      "For  new customers, we will offer new costs, but for many years the old  customers, one that prices are difficult to accept." Jiao Qizhi said at  least from the current point of view, the price of this matter can only  "slowly discuss "As for the cost pressures, companies only once again lower profits, biting teeth carrying.

      Many  manufacturers said that the industry can certainly be out of stock  season is a foregone conclusion, many printing and dyeing enterprises to  eliminate backward production capacity, has reached the key to life and  death. And  home textiles, apparel fabrics this round of tide has just begun, the  next period of time, the downstream product prices will show cost-driven  rise.

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