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      Actively adjust the industrial structure of China 's textile industry to achieve the transformation of the new upgrade
      Column:Industry News Time:2017-10-10
      For a long time, China's textile industry was detained with low-end manufacturing hat, a huge industry volume, but also makes the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading.

      For  a long time, China's textile industry was detained with low-end  manufacturing hat, a huge industry volume, but also makes the pace of  industrial transformation and upgrading. Since  the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, China's  textile industry has been actively adjusting its industrial structure.  In the process of "going out" and "coming in", it is no longer a  "vegetable basket" To phase out and upgrade.

      Since the 18th century, the textile industry gradient transfer for the  local employment in Xinjiang has made tremendous contributions.

      Since  the 18th Party Congress, with the continuous improvement of the level  of economic development, the increasingly rich social life, the textile  industry is no longer simply seen as a solution to the people covered  the problem of clothing industry. In  the past five years, textile products have been continuously extended  and penetrated into various fields of people's social life, such as air  filtration, water filtration, oil filtration and many other filter  materials are textile products; cars, aircraft, trains and other means  of transport to light Direction,  the use of a large number of high-performance fiber composite  materials; in the modern medical and health industry, artificial blood  vessels, artificial organs and other sophisticated areas, but also  inseparable from the textile industry's progress and development. Although in the past five years, China's textile industry is also  facing a variety of problems and tests, but the textile people forge  ahead, adhere to the industrial structure adjustment and innovation and  upgrading, to achieve a steady growth, quality improvement.

      From east to west, from inside to outside

      Reconstructing Industrial Layout in Gradient Transfer

      Since  the 18th century, China's textile industry has undergone significant  changes in the layout, one of the significant features of this change is  the industrial transfer. In the past five years, China's textile industry has shown a clear path from east to west, from inside to outside. Xinjiang is the domestic investment hot, China's textile and garment  enterprises overseas investment also showed speed trend, the backbone of  enterprises to actively create "China + neighboring countries"  manufacturing base, to the high-end areas of industrial chain  penetration.

      As  the development of the textile industry in Xinjiang by the specific  period of China's economic adjustment of the impact, and thus undertake  the eastern and central textile industry in the process of transfer has a  special trajectory. Reporters  from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to develop textile and  garment industry led the employment leading group office was informed  that as of June this year, Xinjiang textile and garment industry chain  to achieve a total of 41.5 million new jobs. The region for the record of textile and garment enterprises has  reached 2525, three years ago, an increase of 1965, 4.5 times three  years ago, of which the mainland to invest and set up factories from  three years ago, dozens of increased to 682.

      "Xinjiang  has become China's textile and garment industry, the hottest  investment, the lowest cost, the fastest growing areas and 'all the way'  initiative under the 'going out' the most advantageous areas."  Autonomous Region People's Government Deputy Secretary-General, the  autonomous region to develop textile and garment industry Led the employment leading group office director Liang Yong said.

      In  July 2014, the autonomous region released Xinjiang textile and garment  industry development plan: to 2023, Xinjiang, the final realization of  the whole garment industry chain employment capacity of 1 million people  target. Xinjiang to support the labor-intensive textile and garment industry,  both from the industry to the raw material base gradient transfer, open  to the west to consider, more to maintain social stability and achieve  long-term stability of the practical significance.

      In  addition to the domestic textile industry from east to west gradient  transfer, the global industry is also to the labor force, the cost of  raw materials more advantages of regional transfer. In  particular, since the 18th National Congress, with China's economic  strength has been significantly enhanced, "going out" gradually upgraded  to become a national strategy, more and more enterprises will turn the  development goals overseas, at the same time, the state's "one way" Constantly  expanding "friends circle", Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and  many other countries to become a new investment hot. Chinese textile enterprises are no longer confined to the use of local resources, but to build a global supply chain system.

      Lutai  Textile Co., Ltd. is the world's largest high-grade yarn-dyed fabric  suppliers and the world's top brand shirt manufacturers, in order to  make better use of the international market, Rutai implementation of a  comprehensive international strategy, and constantly improve the  international marketing channels and production base construction, To further improve the company's service capabilities. In  2013, the Lutheran Milan office officially opened, the company through  the Italian designers, design agencies, effective training of the design  team, so that the company's R & D design in the fashion,  innovation, the forefront of creativity. In 2014, Lutai Textile (USA) was established in New York, USA, mainly  engaged in market research, new product promotion and customer  relationship maintenance work, and further improve the company's  international marketing channels.

      In  the context of the sustained economic downturn in the world, "going  out" to implement low-cost mergers and acquisitions, is quickly bigger  and stronger, faster and better integrated into the international market  an effective way. Through  the acquisition, China Textile has improved the layout of low-cost  manufacturing areas in Southeast Asia, enhancing the competitiveness of  the entire supply chain. Out of the country, the layout of the international market, but also  to many Chinese textile enterprises to complete the "regional suppliers"  to "global supplier" transformation.

      In  recent years, Ruyi actively layout overseas, through in Germany,  Australia, Britain, Japan and other countries of the acquisition,  integration of global resources, forming a unique vertical industry  chain model. Today,  wishful foreign has 13 brand clothing manufacturing enterprises, not  only created a Chinese company mergers and acquisitions of Japanese  listed companies precedent, but also in the "China-Pakistan Economic  Corridor" on the positive force. Ruyi acquired foreign companies are now China's production  enterprises, "Made in Italy", "Made in Germany", coupled with the unique  grasp of the unique innovative technology, the real realization of the  "Made in China" to "China to create."

      Abandon the amount to win

      Clusters focus on creating new features

      Cost-sensitive,  labor-intensive textile and garment industry to seek cost-depression,  the policy of highlands is an inevitable law, but the current textile  industry development has entered a new historical period, we must  explore new development methods and path, in the premise of sustainable  transformation and upgrading The

      Is located in northern Jiangsu Shuyang, in recent years, rapid economic development. To  promote the traditional leading industry, one of the textile industry  to speed up the promotion, to achieve follow-up development to lead the  development of accelerated transformation, Shuyang trial situation,  decided to seize the opportunity, around the green, intelligent two main  line, in Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone to create a  high degree Intensive characteristics of the industrial park - Shuyang Intelligent Knitting Industrial Park. "Shuyang  smart knitting industrial park from high, high standards, not only  greatly promoted the promotion of the local textile industry, but also  for China's textile industry to carry out intelligent industrial park  construction and intelligent manufacturing park to promote the  transformation and upgrading of the textile industry has provided  valuable experience." China Textile Sun Huai-bin, vice president of the Federation of Industry.

      Create a new engine to become the focus of the major textile clusters.

      Speaking of clothing industry cluster and professional market, we can not fail to mention Guangdong Humen. In  the past, people mentioned the clothing market, the first thought is  cheap, and now in Humen's clothing professional market, more and more  brands and businesses are moving in the direction of fashion and  original transformation, because only the original for the enterprise  and brand To the new development momentum.

      In  2016, "Humen costume design research and development center" new  introduction of the designer studio, high set of enterprises, education  and a series of resources settled, the first has Feng Lu designer  studio, Ding Bing designer studio, Division  of the studio and other well-known designer team inside and outside the  province, Shandong Ruyi Technology Group Co., Ltd., Dongguan City,  Wen-ho Clothing Co., Ltd. and other clothing custom enterprises, and  Dongguan Vocational and Technical College Garment Academy stationed. Today, Humen clothing from the "volume" of the accumulation of  development to the "quality" of the leap, by the unlicensed, OEM  development to self-brand, to create brand names, become renowned  domestic and international clothing town.

      It  can be seen that most of today's textile clusters have abandoned the  development model of enterprises with high concentration, but instead of  seeking the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry chain.  In the course of the development of industrial clusters, they have been  actively changing towards the intelligent, innovative and creative  direction. This industrial structure adjustment, so that the level of cluster  industry, the development of quality and efficiency are raised to a  higher level.

      New consumer age

      Textile enterprises to break the curing model for transformation

      In  fact, in addition to industry structure, regional structural  adjustment, corporate organizational restructuring also has a very  significant effect. For example, enterprises in the organizational structure, more  responsive to the market's rapid response, more suitable for new  consumption patterns and needs; in the terminal field, enterprises  continue to create a brand, by increasing the quality, and actively seek  new profit growth.

      Han as clothing in the industry as a typical representative of the electricity, the group structure of the enterprise model. Han  are in the various brands of Taobao platform stand out, in addition to  its four core operating system, there is a proud system, that is,  product group system, that is, "a product group as the core Of the whole product operating system. " The advantage of the group system is to fully improve the operational efficiency and reduce the risk of inventory.

      If  the Han Dynasty clothing to make such a structure within the enterprise  to adjust, representing the textile industry in many small and medium  enterprises in the new era to explore the strong will of corporate  restructuring and voice, then there are nearly 60 years of history of  large state-owned enterprises - Beijing Textile Holdings Co., Ltd. changed its name to "Beijing  Fashion Holdings Co., Ltd.", it is on behalf of the Chinese textile  giant structural strategic transformation of the important symbol.

      "This  is the inheritance of the past, but also the commitment to the future."  Beijing Fashion Holdings limited liability company party secretary,  chairman Wu Li said that this is an urgent need for industrial  transformation and upgrading, but also to promote state-owned  enterprises to reform the useful attempt and practice The

      From  "textile" to "fashion", the difference between the two words, in fact,  represents the transformation of local state-owned enterprises a new  idea. Renamed Beijing Fashion Holdings is undergoing a new layout. Reporters  learned that the "thirteen five" period, Beijing Fashion Holdings will  be fashion, technology, services, new textile as the goal, and strive to  build the capital of the textile industry's leading fashion industry  group. At the same time, the Group will also strive to cultivate cultural and  creative and information technology business, so that close integration  with high-end brands to adapt to consumer upgrades.

      The  transformation of economic development is not only a profound change in  the economic field, but also a profound change in the concept of ideas.  First of all, it is necessary to change the concept and break the  inherent thinking style. This is a powerful guarantee and motive force  to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development. Therefore,  the industry should fundamentally change the concept of ideas, with new  vision and ideas, to observe and think about a new round of economic  model, effectively and effectively promote the development mode of  change in the international and domestic competition to seize the  system, The

      From product to industry

      In the structural adjustment in the end forging ahead

      Since the eighteenth, the industry's other performance is the product structure optimization and adjustment. In  the past, the people of the textile and apparel requirements are mainly  warm, and now want to textile more comfortable, healthy, green,  fashion, and more functional, personalized. Textile  and apparel to further strengthen the degree of segmentation, more and  more people in different occasions began to wear different clothing,  such as outdoor, leisure, sports, dress, evening wear, etc .; textile  clothing increasingly functional, such as antibacterial deodorant,  moisture Perspiration and so on. Product structure adjustment, bringing the prosperity of the textile  consumer market, the market product category diversification and  diversification, well to meet the growing consumer demand and  increasingly mature consumer ideas.

      In  the Qingdao Red Collar Group's cool smart system, through the amount of  body and other ways to collect the body data, customers around the  world can be customized on the client clothing. After the order is generated, the system is delivered to the factory  production in real time. After the automatic layout, automatic cutting,  industrial production, intelligent storage, and then packaging and  delivery, to the customer's hands, the whole process only 7 days.

      With  this magical "magic factory", the red collar group in China garment  manufacturing orders continued to decline, many garment enterprises  operating into the bottom of the background contrarian, 2015 custom  sales of clothing sales growth rate of 100% or more, Of which 70% of the orders from the European and American markets.

      Industrial use of textile applications to expand the product structure adjustment is more obvious changes.

      Nowadays,  smart wears quietly rising, in order to meet the growing demand for  this terminal market, to fill the gaps in this area, some companies have  begun to respond. Shanghai  Jia Na Company has developed a three-dimensional test body testing  system, including three-dimensional measurement and human data  processing, three-dimensional clothing design system, three-dimensional  virtual test clothing platform and virtual clothing catwalk system, you  can use mobile intelligent terminal, and has been applied as a product A number of garment enterprises and related institutions.

      Particularly  worth mentioning is the rapid growth of industrial textiles in recent  years, greatly enriched and improved the application of textiles, in  order to further adjust China's textile market structure plays an  important role. Such  as the seventh China International Industry Textiles and nonwovens  exhibition on display with independent intellectual property rights of  Fang sulfone fiber (TanIon), the Shanghai Textile Science Research  Institute and the Shanghai Institute of Synthetic Fiber three  generations of researchers After 30 years, independently developed China's first original  high-performance fiber, can be widely used in protective products,  filter materials, insulation materials and friction materials and other  fields.

      In  general, the textile industry since the 18th major structural  adjustment effect is remarkable, further optimize the industrial  structure, industrial textiles as the industry's new role in the  development of further play, clothing, home textiles, industrial fiber  processing by the proportion of 51: 29:20 adjusted to 2015 46.6: 28.1: 25.3.

      The party's nineteenth held soon, and the textile industry will also enter a new period. China  Textile Industry Federation, said Sun Ruizhe, the future, the textile  industry will develop in six directions: that is, technological  innovation as the basis for innovation and development, intelligent  manufacturing for the realization of lean development, integration of  industry and finance as a starting point to achieve integration Development,  to culture self-confidence as the goal cast fashion development, social  responsibility as the most important to achieve inclusive development,  system construction as the core to achieve joint development.

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