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      Three series





      ABOUT US

      Join Profit , was founded in May 2001. Companies  focus on the field of textile supply chain, is a collection of textile  raw materials, fabric research and development and promotion, clothing  design and marketing, import and export trade of textile enterprises. Main  textile fibers, fabrics, clothing, textile auxiliaries, customers are  mainly distributed in Fujian, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River  Delta, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and so on. In Shanghai, Changle, lions, Foshan, Shantou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong,  Vietnam, Bangladesh and other places are equipped with branches.

      Global  partners: Taiwan Ju Long, Taiwan set Sheng, the United States DuPont,  Japan Toray, Dow Corning, South Korea Hyosung / Thai light, Donghua  University, Textile Association, Guangzhou new students, Shandong  wishful, Changle Li Heng, Hong Kong Lee Fung line, Fujian Rimula, Anta, De Run enterprises, and other well-known textile enterprises at home and abroad, research institutions.



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