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      ABOUT US

      Company Profile

      Join Profit, was founded in May 2001.

      Companies  focus on the field of textile supply chain, is a collection of textile  raw materials, fabric research and development and promotion, clothing  design and marketing, import and export trade of textile enterprises.

      Company for domestic and foreign textile industry customers to provide one-stop textile procurement services.

      Main  textile fibers, fabrics, clothing, textile auxiliaries, customers are  mainly distributed in Fujian, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River  Delta, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and so on.

      In  Shanghai, Changle, lions, Foshan, Shantou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong,  Vietnam, Bangladesh and other places are equipped with branches.

      Company development goals

      Become China 's leading textile supply chain management company;

      Become China's most innovative functional fiber, fabric, apparel technology companies.

      Four major research and development center

      Company for the textile supply chain to provide one-stop procurement  services, the Group set up under the four research and development  centers

      1, differentiated raw materials R & D and production center

      At present, relying on a strong R & D platform of listed companies  in Taiwan, the company cooperates in the construction of industrial  bases and specializes in the development and production of textile raw  materials to meet the market demand quickly.

      2, fabric research and development production center

      Company and Donghua University (formerly China Textile University) in  close cooperation and relying on textile raw materials research and  development centers, market-oriented, committed to all kinds of  low-carbon, environmental protection, new and functional fabric research  and development.

      3, dyeing and finishing style optimization center

      The  company works with Dow Corning, a global leader in organic silicon  technology and innovation, tailoring products to customers, developing  specialty varieties, enhancing differentiation and increasing the added  value of textiles. At present the company has become Dow Corning's global authorized co-manufacturers.

      4, clothing design center

      Jun  Lide and domestic first-class fashion design company, has a group of  strength designers, accurate grasp of international textile and apparel  trends. Companies focus on clothing R & D and marketing, to provide customers with the trend of the trend of clothing.

      Global partner

      Taiwan,  such as Duyun, the United States DuPont, Japan Toray, Dow Corning, South  Korea Hyosung / Thai light, Donghua University, Textile Association,  Guangzhou new students, Shandong wishful, Changle Li Heng, Hong Kong Lee  Fung line, Fujian Rimula, De Run enterprises, and other well-known textile enterprises at home and abroad, research institutions.

      Company Culture

      Join Profit  - "Win-win" is the mission of Jun Li De, we are committed to achieving  internal and external customers multi-win goal. In the  outside, we provide first-class trade platform for the industry chain  customers; within the group, we provide employees with a career success  stage. We wholeheartedly invite you to join our cause, create brilliant!

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